Labor Area

The area of labor management offers comprehensive advice and professional management in all matters related to the workplace.

  • Registration of companies and workers in Social Security
  • Labor contracting, advice and pre-contracts
  • Registration and withdrawal of self-employed
  • Payroll and Social Security
  • Salary updates according to the relevant agreement
  • Assistance to conciliations and trials in the social field
  • Dismissals
  • Advice on the law on the prevention of occupational risks
  • Application for benefits of the general and freelance Social Security scheme
  • Communication of opening of the workplace to Generalitat
  • Legalization of guestbooks
  • Seizure Management
  • Conventions, revisions and updates
  • Processing of temporary or permanent disability
  • Processing and support for maternity leave
  • Severe disability
  • Calculation and processing of retirements
  • Management and capitalization of unemployment
  • Death and survival protection
  • Widow’s and orphan’s pension
  • Negotiations and instalments of debts with the Tax Agency
  • Reprimands and penalties
  • ERTO and extensions
  • Reports and work life management
  • Hiring and firing domestic workers

  • Application and processing of files and initial permits for aliens
  • Judicial resolution of dismissals
  • Legal-labor advice


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