Accounting and Tax Area

The accounting and tax area is responsible for providing the guidelines for the correct legal development of all business activities, offering advice and management in all areas where necessary.

The main fields of work are detailed below:

Accounting area


  • Financial accounting of commercial and civil companies
  • SDE (Simplified Direct Estimating) accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Budget and cash flow controls
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Analysis of balance sheets
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Tax Agency census procedures
  • Economic Activities Tax
  • Accounting for Foundations, Non-profit Associations (specialists in Sports Clubs and other Social Associations)
  • Advice on personal and business finances
  • Calculation of financial and economic ratios

Tax area


  • Annual Personal Income Tax (Tax Form 100/ Tax Form 102)
  • Withholding of rents (Tax Form 115 / Tax Form 180)
  • Withholdings and payments on income from capital gains (Tax Form 123/ Tax Form 193)
  • Payment on account of business activities (Tax Form 130)
  • Informative declaration of donations (Tax Form 182)
  • Informative declaration on entities under the income attribution regime (Tax Form 184)
  • Corporation Tax (Tax Form 200)
  • Annual accounts. Reports
  • Company Account Payment (Tax Form 202)
  • Non-resident annual income tax (Tax Form 214 / Tax Form 150)
  • Declaration of related-party transactions (Tax Form 232)
  • Informative declaration of childcare expenses (Tax Form 233)
  • Added Value Tax (Tax Form 303/ Tax Form 309/ Tax Form 390)
  • Informative declaration of operations with third parties (Tax Form 347)
  • Informative declaration of intra-community transactions (Tax Form 349)
  • Special regime for electronic commerce (Tax Form 369)
  • Assets (Tax Form 714)
  • Informative declaration list of assets abroad (Tax Form 720)
  • Tourist establishment taxes (Tax Form 950)
  • Specific Tax Forms
  • Liquidation of Donations and Inheritances
  • State and regional tax inspections


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