How the ICO Lines work through the mediation of credit institutions


The ICO Lines are financing lines with which the ICO provides funds with the intermediation of credit institutions.

It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small; nor the sector you work in; or if you want to operate in Spain or in another part of the world. There is an ICO line for every entrepreneur, self-employed person, businessman or business. The important thing is that the ICO lines finance your activity in the short, medium or long term, for any type of investment and under competitive conditions.


Step 1: INFORM YOURSELF AT ICO. Consult the options available at ICO Customer Service on the free telephone number: 900 121 121
Step 2: AGREE TO YOUR BANK. Go to your bank office and explain your plans and there the bank will study the project.
Step 3: REQUEST THE ICO LINE. Sign the agreement at your bank and receive the ICO financing, which will make the future you are pursuing possible.


Once the operation is approved, the entities formalize the corresponding contract with their client, with the funds that the ICO gives to the banks.