Measures to combat job insecurity during the working day

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Article: 10 Day registration

The text of the Workers’ Statute Act, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 2/2015 of 23 October, is amended as follows:

  • Article 34 shall be amended by adding a new paragraph 9, which shall read as follows

«9. The company shall ensure that a daily workday record is kept, which shall include the specific starting and ending times of each worker’s workday, without prejudice to the flexible hours established in this article.

This daily record of working hours shall be organised and documented by collective bargaining or company agreement or, failing that, by decision of the employer after consultation with the legal representatives of the employees in the undertaking.

The company shall keep the records referred to in this provision for four years and they shall remain at the disposal of the workers, their legal representatives and the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate”.


How to register at work

The Workers’ Statute does not describe a single way of clocking in or recording the working day. It only indicates that the company must agree with the workers how to organise the record and how to document it.

Consequently, traditional methods such as employee signatures on a time sheet or digital systems such as the use of fingerprints may be useful. In any case, the Labour Inspectorate has pointed out that in no case will the time quadrants be valid as a record.


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