Personal Data Protection Act

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The Personal Data Protection Act is a rule that aims to protect and guarantee the privacy of people, their honor and their personal matters, preventing anyone from violating its related rights and freedoms.


The Data protection is a fundamental right that is developed legislatively at an international level with the aim of being respected by imposing a set of legal obligations.

Data protection regulations directly affect the activity of all kinds of professionals and companies, public bodies and all kinds of entities, by means of compliance with a set of requirements set forth in the Spanish rule, Personal Data Protection Act (3/2018), and European, General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679).

Non-compliance with the regulations implies a rigorous system of sanctions that includes fines of up to 20,000,000 euros, or, depending on the case, an amount equivalent to 4% of the annual financial volume.


Here in TRÀMIT we can help you to comply with the requirements of the regulations by analysing your compliance with the mandatory legal requirements and drawing up all the necessary procedures. Follow the most distinguished issues:

  • The elaboration of the Records of Processing Activities, depending on the case as a Data Controller or Data Processor.
  • The elaboration of the clauses and informative notices in the matter of privacy, adapted to each particularity: for agreements with clients or suppliers, to inform the workers, to answer requests or queries of data subjects, etc.
  • The elaboration of the procedures related to the exercise of the data subjects rights, and to the management of security violations.
  • The revision of Data Processing Agreements and their correct preparation adapted to each case.


We will provide you with all the necessary documents, advising you on their application and, if you wish, we will help you to maintain all the elements set out so that they are in line with data protection regulations on an annual basis.


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